You’re sweet enough already!

What a lovely week! Apart from the footy-booo and the cricket-booo and I am not going to mention the tennis as Andy is playing today.

I have followed Andy since he was a junior and bored anyone who would listen that one day he was going to do it, his taciturn demeanour was a measure of steely determination. When he stepped on centre court this week as defending champion I wiped away a tear or two. You can achieve anything if you focus, work and never give up

Anyway the food programme on radio 4 this week focused on artificial sweeteners asking whether they could be the answer to the obesity crisis. it is definitely worth listening to the link is here:

Food Programme – Sweeteners
There was an interesting interview with Professor Susan Swithers, her research has indicated that consumption of sweeteners may increase, not decrease levels of obesity. When you taste something sweet the body expects an influx of calories, when that does not happen you are programmed biologically to seek out those missing calories, resulting in eating more calories not less.

A link to her research is here:

Susan Swithers
It really is worth a read.

As some of you know I did an advanced kettlebells course on Sunday so have lots of new ideas for exercise/torture!

Look forward to seeing you either at boxing 6.45pm tonight, bootcamp on Sat or in your sessions.

If you have any feedback or would like some changes to the classes please let me know, these are your sessions and I want you to get the most you possibly can out of each hour.