Boxing gloves that could be used in a tabata work out
Boxing gloves that could be used in a tabata work out

Boxing gloves that could be used in a tabata work out

Tabata! and why it increases fat loss

As you know we have started to include some Tabata interval training during bootcamp and boxing. All of your fitness levels are consistently improving but I am on a mission to keep us all progressing. It is hard work of that there is no doubt, so why are we putting ourselves through this?

Fat Loss through Increased Metabolic Rate

Intense exercise raises our metabolic rate to about 15 times the basal metabolic rate, or BMR. The Tabata method puts short-lived but acute stress on the body. When these intense exercises occur on a regular basis, the body increases its BMR to handle the new demands put on it. Since the BMR is the amount of energy your body burns while at rest, any increase to this rate increases the fat that your body burns even when dieting as a means to weight loss often causes loss of muscle tissue. The Tabata method of HIIT places stress on muscle tissue, which tells your body that more muscle tissue is needed. As a result, the ratio of your lean body mass to fat goes up, and by choosing exercises that maximize the muscle mass worked muscle mass may increase.

Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity Increase

The body’s aerobic capacity, also called its maximum oxygen uptake, is the greatest amount of oxygen it consumes when strenuously exercising. Anaerobic capacity is the maximum amount of energy that can be produced by the body in the absence of oxygen. This anaerobic energy is produced by burning carbohydrates when there is insufficient oxygen in the bloodstream to produce the required energy aerobically.

A study by Dr. Tabata showed that using his method five days a week for six weeks produced a 14% increase in the participants’ aerobic capacity and a 28% increase in their anaerobic capacity. This provides a decided increase in stamina.


The Tabata method is very demanding and should not be done too frequently. The typical recommendation is for one or two Tabata workouts per week. As is true for any strenuous exercise a warm-up routine is advisable. This method is intended for use by those who have already achieved some level of physical fitness and should not be used by those new to fitness regimens

OK, I’m in! When can I do some Tabata!?

Tabata intervals are readily available at:

  • Bootcamp: Saturdays – 9.30am or 10.30am, Victoria Park N3
  • Boxing: Wednesdays – 7pm, St Pauls Church Hall, Long Lane, N3
  •  Or in PT sessions!