Sugar in our diet

I have been keeping an eye on the guidelines for sugar in our diet for a long time so it comes as no surprise that WHO has recommended we half our intake from 10% or daily calories to 5%.

This equates to 100kcals for a woman (30g or 6 teaspoons) and 125kcals for an average man (40g or 8 teaspoons), not too bad you may think?

I have given up all sweet things for Lent so am sure I can be a bit smug as this will not effect me for at least six weeks….well not so fast!

The huge issue is the added sugar in processed foods. I think am really savvy about nutrition issues, I have a qualification and am really interested in the subject so constantly research emerging nutritional advice. I know that low fat and diet foods tend to have increased sugar content and I tend not to buy many processed foods anyway but we are all busy so when I do need quick food I try to make the best choice.

“Skinny” foods?

Today I was having a Covent Garden SKINNY soup, tomato and vegetable with lentils (totally fine you would think), just 230kcals in the whole carton it looks like a good lunch option. There was 9.3g of sugar in HALF the carton, that’s 18.6g in the whole thing which is 3 1/2 teaspoons of sugar!!!! IN LENTIL SOUP!

Now you see the problem. Read those labels, think about what they mean in terms of both sugar and sat fat content but try to cook from scratch wherever possible.

Good news

The good news is gin and vodka don’t have any added sugar and a small glass or red or white wine has about 1g of sugar which comes from the grapes (alcohol does have 7 kcals per g though). Also exercise has a beneficial effect on the way the body deals with sugar, in addition to increasing your daily calorie burn so increasing the amount of sugar you can safely consume.

Keep coming to bootcamp – it is sugar free! We have 9.30am and 10.30am classes to choose from so keep spreading the word.