Nine Saturdays till Christmas!

I do not know where the year has gone, I blinked and most of 2016 flew past.  Yes you read correctly there are 9 Saturdays until Christmas, so if you want to be fighting fit for Santa get thee to BOOTCAMP!  If you haven’t been for a while you know you will come back to a warm welcome, it is hard when you get out of a habit but once you have done a class it is easy to slip back into the fitness routine.

One of the exercises you will find in almost every fitness routine is the squat, this is becuase there are compelling reasons why virtually every trainer includes a squat variation in the majority of their of their sessions:

Build muscle in your entire body

Squats help to build muscle primarily in your quads, hamstrings and calves but they are a compound exercise which engages almost every muscle in the body.  They lift the glutes, your abs and back muscles are engaged for stability and if you carry a kettlebell arms and upper back are also utilised.  In fact, when done correctly, squats can be so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone, a combination which are vital for muscle growth.  This will help you improve muscle mass when you train other areas of the body aside from legs.

Functional Exercise

This is a trendy term thrown around in the health arena right now but its not a fad.  Functional exercises help you to perform real life activities so they make sense.  Humans have been using squats since we were hunter/gatherers, this is an exercise which will increase your mobility and strength to perform daily tasks, every time you sit down or pick something up you use a squat motion.

Burn Fat

For every pound of muscle the body burns 50 to 70 kcals per day (which can be up to 30 times more than a pound of fat)so it makes sense to work at maintaining and improving our lean tissue.  As squats utilize many muscle groups focusing on legs which are the biggest muscles in the body, they require more energy (kcals) to perform.

In addition to all of this,squats help to prevent injury, increase flexibility, help with waste removal and can give you a fabulously toned bottom.

The following diagram shows correct squat form, you need to sit back as though you are sitting into a chair, do not let your knees dip over your toes, keep your chest and head high and abs engaged.


Correct squat technique is available on Wednesdays 6.45pm, Saturdays 9.30 and 10.30am, Santa’s elves will be watching and reporting back ……