Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp Class – Saturday

Every Sat 9:30 – 10:30 am & 10:30 – 11:30 am

Victoria Park, N3

  • Exercise options for all levels
  • Fatblasting mix of cardio fitness and strength
  • Burn more calories in the outdoors
  • Kick start the weekend and put a BIG SMILE on your face!

£12 per session – or £90 for 10 sessions to be used in a 12-week period

What should I expect?

Saturday mornings is a circuit class; a mix of strength and cardio – we might be working with kettlebells and resistance bands or Sarah might put a bit of boxing in the mix – the routines change every week so you’ll never get bored but the overall mix will always work out your whole body. We start with a warm up, after which you will be paired up with someone of similar level of fitness for approximately 6-7 circuit exercise of a minute each. Following this you can choose between a run to stretch out your legs, or our challenging Tabata routines to really get your heart rate up. More circuits follow, then some abs work – this varies and might include such crunches or Turkish getups but will definitely conclude with a plank. We end with stretching and there’s usually plenty of people up for a chat and a coffee in the park cafe afterwards.