Saturated Fat, Sports Relief and Races!

There is a fair bit to cover this week where to start?

Firstly nutrition has been in the news again, this time it is a study indicating that fat is not the enemy and consumption of saturated fats does not have a direct bearing on incidents of heart disease. As usual the media have taken one element of a complex scientific study and ran wild with it. So as a result, there have been several articles in the media which recommend eating lots of saturated fat as it will do no harm.

I remember a certain Dr Atkins advocating a high fat, high protein diet with tips like adding double cream to coffee. When he died at age 72 he was clinically obese and riddled with chronic heart disease.

On BBC breakfast this week, there was a debate with the coach of the Australian cricket team who advocates a high fat diet and the CEO of the British heart foundation who does not. The upshot was that they both agreed that processed foods are the issue in the modern diet, many of which are marketed as being low fat but are pumped with sugar and additives.

The advice is cook from scratch, eat lots of veg, 35%of our daily calories should come from fat but not more than 11% (between 200 & 300 kcals) from saturated fats. Just do not eat rubbish and take regular exercise, I want us all to be bootcamp fit into our 90s and over!

A while ago I did mention a summer challenge, well myself, Mark, Jon (Mr Motivator) Musker, Toby Moore and Charlotte Lane have all entered the St Albans Half marathon which takes place on 8th June, if anyone wants to join us the link is below I will provide training plans and advice.

If this is a bit daunting there is a 5k and 10k race for life in Trent park on 15th June (the entry link is below), these can be walked so are accessible to everyone. Let me know if you want to enter and I will sort out training plans and run some training sessions (sessions will have a small charge) we can organise timings when I know who wants to take part.

It is really motivational to have an actual goal, race for life is a really inclusive event (unless you are male!) so have a think about taking part.

Race for Life

St Albans half marathon

Finally it is Sports Relief this weekend so I have added a twist to bootcamp. There will be no “bootcamp minutes”, there will be teamwork and an opportunity to win a donation to Sports Relief. It could be complete bedlam. . . there is only one way to find out and that is by coming along on Saturday to either 9.30 or 10.30 class and bring a friend or two!