One month till summer holidays!


Doesn’t time fly?

The kids will be breaking up for school in about a month and no doubt lots of you will be looking forward to a well earned summer break.

If you have not been to class for a few weeks or months it is a perfect time to come back. You would be surprised how much you can achieve in four weeks if you focus and you will be assured a very warm welcome!

There are three classes to choose from:

Boxing Circuits with Kettlebells-Wed 6.45pm

Bootcamp- Sat 9.30am or 10.30am

Well, I have pretty much managed to minimise my sugar intake (you cannot cut sugar out completely because it is in everything) for over a week. My only digression was a piece of my homemade cake in the wake of England s’ defeat to Italy-this was perfectly understandable comfort eating!

Anyway I have been making lots of great salads to nibble on during the matches to keep me away from less nutritious snacks. My celery, apple and toasted nut salad really hits the spot and if you have left overs still tastes great the next day: