Marvellous Muscles

I have spoken about the benefits of improving your body composition a few times but it never hurts to be reminded of why it is important to build muscle mass and reduce fat stores regardless of your weight or size.
Combining muscle building strength training with cardiovascular exercise, gives you an unbeatable combination to lose fat and keep it off permanently. It takes a few weeks before you see any measurable changes, but you’ll start to build muscle, lose fat and burn more calories from the moment you begin training. Building muscle helps you:
1. Burn more calories. Unlike fat, muscle revs up your metabolism to help you burn more fat and calories throughout each day.
2. Improve appearance. When performed correctly, strength training can greatly improve your posture and help prevent joint pain.
3. Build confidence. Strong muscles and joints increase your level of confidence in your abilities to perform many lifestyle activities, running up stairs, playing with your kids ,dancing all night at parties…
4. Prevent injury. Strength training can build stronger muscles and more limber, flexible joints, which play a crucial role in preventing injury. 5. Increase bone density. Weight bearing activities improve your bone density and reduce bone loss, helping  to prevent osteoporosis.

Look at the image of 5lb fat compared to 5lb muscle, I know which I would rather have!