Low GI Recipe and Wed Class

There is a fair bit to cover this week, so where to start? Hope you are all having a good week? You will be relieved that this is short today as time has run away with me again! Firstly after the “3.5 teaspoons of sugar in Covent Garden skinny soup” scandal I have included a recipe for minestrone which is low GI, no pasta but lots of beans and vegetables. The good thing about this is you can throw in any veg that you have in the fridge if you do not have the ones in the recipe. It makes a HUGE pan full so I portion it up and pop them in the freezer to have healthy a lunch to hand at any time. Secondly a few people are interested in a Wed eve class when the clocks go forward, the time being talked about is 6pm to 7pm, I could also run a 7pm to 8pm if the demand is there. Can you let me know if it would be of interest? We may just do small groups and have a more boxing theme. Bootcamp is planned, there is some input from Sian this week so you can blame her. Can you spread the word about the 10.30 class as it would be good to see more people coming to that slot. See you all on Sat, the weather forecast is good (but I always say that)!