Let’s be social – group exercise classes in Finchley

There are so many benefits to working out with others (even if it is just me in PT).

The structure of having sessions in the diary helps to stick to a regular routine, there is a level of accountability and most people work harder in public than on their own.  The most common reason for giving up an exercise routine is boredom and that is something which is avoided by exercising in a social environment.

As kids, we loved to get together to play with our friends. As teenagers, our world revolved around our friends, often they dictated our choice of activities. As adults, we still enjoy being active with friends, but don’t always feel like we have the time or opportunities to do so. Group exercise classes provide us with an opportunity to feel young again and be physically active with others in a safe and legal way!

Group classes can provide support as well as structure to your exercise program.  A 2007 randomized controlled trial assessing supervised group exercise for early-stage breast cancer patients undergoing treatment found physical and psychological benefits lasted beyond the 12-week program.  Published in the British Medical Journal, the study compared a regimen of two group classes per week and one additional at-home session, with advice to exercise regularly at home in control subjects.

The group exercisers reported a higher quality of life in questionnaires than the control group exercising on their own at the end of the 12-week program and 6 months later. Whether it’s a result of attention from fitness instructors or support from fellow patients, the social exercisers enjoyed the activity more and remained more active in the months that followed.

Even perfectly healthy adults may benefit from the distraction an exercise buddy can provide, keeping your mind off your aching muscles. Or you can join in the usual bootcamp sport of moaning at me, whatever it takes to increase your fitness!  So all in all coming to class benefits your mental and physical health.

Boxing is 6.45pm to 7.45pm Wed and bootcamp is 9.30am (prompt) and 10.30am on Sat.  Please note on Sat 4th Nov bootcamp will be 9.30am only.