Fun Finchley Fitness Indoor Boxing is back!

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Fun Finchley Fitness Indoor Boxing is back!

As the nights draw in we find that boxing in the dark isn’t as quite as much fun as boxing on a warm light summer’s night, so we move our Wednesday night class indoors.

The format is the same – a mixture of boxing (don’t worry, no one gets hurt!) and kettlebell work, starting with a warm up and end with a stretch down.

The main difference indoors is that we have music to help keep our energy levels up; you will hear an eclectic mix of 80s power pop favourites, post-punk classics and maybe even some current chart hits.

Guaranteed  fun!  – though that doesn’t mean the class will be easy, Sarah will push you to improve your own personal levels of fitness. But whether we’re working on our abs, bums or our backs, we’re enjoying ourselves while we’re doing it.