Four weeks till Christmas!

It is now the run up to the holiday period, which quite frankly is a time that can spell disaster for the best health intentions.
We all want to look and feel our best for those parties and get together and will want to start the new year in better shape than we began the last one.
We can achieve a lot in five weeks if we put our mind to it.  If anyone, who has any contact with me at all regarding fitness does not know that a strong core is the cornerstone of all strength and cardio fitness I will hide under a rock and cry!! Here are a few points to bear in mind regarding core work.
Spot Reduction
If you are attempting to crunch your way to a flatter, toned tummy, but are still carrying around extra weight, you are waging a losing battle. Spot reduction is not possible no matter how many weeks or months you perform your abs workout. The only way to get rid of the flab on your belly is to combine your ab exercises with overall fat loss. Your ab workout may be building strong ab muscles, but they are resting under a layer of fat.
I have sent my sugar free food diary to a few people if you would like a copy and guidance on cutting sugar and refined carbs from your diet just mail me.
Some people are  blessed with a body that builds muscle readily. As a result, their abdominal workout efforts will show up sooner than other people’s efforts. The types of ab exercises you are doing also matter. If you are just crunching, you may not achieve noticeable results. A balanced routine that addresses all of the major abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis at the front of the abs, the internal transverse abdominis and the side obliques will bring about faster results. This is why I include, planks, side planks and antirotation moves along with more traditional crunches, hanging leg raises and bicycle maneuvers. Leave a day between abdominal workouts – these muscles need 48 hours to build and recover just like the other muscles in the body.

It’s not just about looks

To improve core strength for better daily function and athletic performance, the results of your ab workouts will show up in four to eight weeks. Core strength enhances your balance and stability, preventing falls and enhancing agility. A strong core may also protect you from back pain and injury. The full core includes the muscles of the abdominals and the lower back. Planks and spinal extensions are examples of thorough core exercises.  Consistency is key for results to show and they may appear in small ways. You may find it easier to get up out of your seat or that your lower back doesn’t fatigue as quickly after a day of standing.