Low Sugar Elderflower Cordial

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    Sarah Overall

    20 Elderflower heads (stalks removed)
    2 lemons
    200g caster sugar
    2 tsp citric acid granules (from chemist)
    1.5 litres water

    wash elderflowers in sink of cold water then drain in a colander
    put water and sugar in a pan gently heat until sugar dissolved.
    remove peel from lemons with vegetable peeler then slice fruit
    bring water to boil then switch off heat
    add, lemons, peel, elderflowers & citric acid
    leave to infuse for 24 hours
    pass liquid through a sieve, decant in plastic bottles
    store in fridge and freeze excess bottles

    Due to low sugar content this will not be syrupy and needs to be refridgerated, add to sparkling water, cold still water, sparkling wine. If you need your drink to be sweeter add a sprinkle of stevia, that is best added to your actual drink rather than the cordial as everyone can sweeten to taste.

    20Kcals per serving (50ml) – GREAT WITH GIN!

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