Fitness classes in Finchley are Fun!

If you would like to feel fantastic in your body and mind, come and try out our bootcamp classes.

On Saturday mornings at 9.30 and 10.30, and on Wednesday evenings at 7, come along to Victoria Park in Finchley.

What classes do we offer?

Saturday morning: Bootcamp circuits

Wednesday evening – Boxing and kettlebells

What should I expect?

Saturday mornings is a circuit class; a mix of strength and cardio – we might be working with kettlebells and resistance bands or Sarah  might put a bit of boxing in the mix – the routines change every week so you’ll never get bored but the overall mix will always work out your whole body. We start with a warm up, after which you will be paired up with someone of similar level of fitness for approximately 6-7 circuit exercise of a minute each. Following this you can choose between a run to stretch out your legs, or our challenging Tabata routines to really get your heart rate up. More circuits follow, then some abs work – this varies and might include such crunches or Turkish getups but will definitely conclude with a plank. We end with stretching and there’s usually plenty of people up for a chat and a coffee in the park cafe afterwards.

Wednesday evening is a mixture of boxing (don’t worry, no one gets hurt!) and kettlebell work, but again we start with a warm up and end with a stretch down.

Each class is a bit different, but all offer a range of exercise to improve your fitness and help you achieve your goals.

And you are guaranteed to have fun in all of them – though that doesn’t mean they will be easy, Sarah will push you to improve your own personal levels of fitness. But whether we’re working on our abs, bums or our backs, we’re enjoying ourselves while we’re doing it.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Anyone of whatever fitness level! Come along and try out a class; all our exercises can be adapted if you need a lower-impact version – or can be performed at a higher level if you are already pretty fit!