Fat Loss Support Group is officially open!

Please send your measurements to me or take them yourself; tracking progress is a very motivating way to strive towards optimum health and fitness.
If you are not already taking part and would like to then contact me 

Our main mission this week is …

Cut the junk.

Everyone knows what junk food is and that its not great to eat lots on a regular basis.  Get rid of the “treats” from your living space, if you have children firstly do they need a bucket of chocolate and sweets in the house?  If you need to keep some for the kids then it is for them not you.
In the office let it be known that you are a no junk zone, buy a bowl out some fruit in it on your desk.  Not only does the average apple have the same or less calories than one biscuit, it is bigger, will fill you up and is full of vitamins and fibre and you are unlikely to eat another never mind 12!
Upweight the veg.
I have never ever heard anyone proclaim that they have gained weight through bingeing on vegetables, have you?  Go for it on the veg stakes, the more the better (except potatoes).  Government recommends 5 portions per day, really we should be looking at 7 to 11 portions of different Fruit and veg per day (limit fruit to 2 to 3), go for colours and variety.  When your body is replete with nutrient dense foods you naturally move away from nutrient poor/calorie dense junk foods.  Do not think about what you are not eating, focus on the abundant health giving foods you are treating your body to.
Base meals around protein
Good quality protein and tons of veg should be the basis of all meals (porridge for breakfast is an exception- oats and milk do provide protein).  You can include starchy carbs such as lentils, pulses, quinoa, barley, buckwheat, oats, beans, which also provide protein and are slow release carbohydrates in moderation.  Casseroles and soups are great in this weather.
Dinner-  last food of the day
This is simple, eat dinner as early as you can and do not eat again until breakfat.
Generic Soup Recipe
As you know I make lots of soup and I just look at what is in the veg drawer, I do have a basic formula which can be used to incorporate any veg, herbs or spices
100 to 150g of dried lentils, or barley or soup mix (its a bag of mixed pulses) or any beans that take your fancy
1.5 litres veg or chicken stock
1 bag soffito (from Waitrose or Tesco or chop mix of onion, carrot and celery).
2 or more veg
Cook the pulses in the stock, when soft add the veg simmer until cooked.
Red lentils and chilli go really well with squash and can be blitzed
Italian bean soup go for 1 litre stock add a tin of tomatoes and tomato puree, use herbs such as basil or oregano, serve with some grated parmesan, could add some crispy bacon.
Veg soup and chicken soup is enhanced by serving with a little cream and chopped chives – adds body and flavour for not many calories.
You can also add leftovers like cooked chicken.
Experiment and enjoy.