Exercise vs Diet: the debate goes on!

I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week.

My attention has been drawn to a couple of articles this week which state that lack of exercise is to blame for the rise of modern health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Never one to completely believe what I read in papers and magazines (I did spend twenty years working in media!), I have located the various scientific studies these claims are based on.  As ever with this kind of research for the two studies that conclude this, there are at least another two which conclude its diet over exercise.

After wading through tons of research,  here is a bit of common sense – pay attention to both!  Up your activity levels & don’t eat junk and processed food, you are unlikely to turn into Elle McPherson or Brad Pitt at the end of the week but you will give yourself the best possible chance of maintaining optimum health for life.  The snag is you have to consistently keep this up for the long term benefits to last.

I have cut down on as much added sugar as I can within reason over the last month it does make a difference.  Sugar has its place, there are natural sugars in all foods even meat and used minimally in recipes as a preservative or flavour enhancer its fine, as long as there is not much.

There is a lot of lovely fruit around at the moment I love making a massive fruit salad but to stop this from going off really quickly, I make a stock syrup so it lasts for days.  This is a tip I have gleaned from my mother in law, Mrs O senior who has been a WI president for many many years she knows about preserving food!