Exercise – it’s life changing

Exercise - it's life changing

Commonwealth Games: race is on for tickets as website crashes on first day

The Commonwealth Games

I have been transfixed by the Commonwealth Games, not just because I love sport but also but there are so many inspiring stories. Every single one of the para athletes are heroes; whatever their challenges or disabilities nothing holds them back and they are so awe inspiring to watch. It makes me think twice before I whinge about achy legs on a run or other exercise.

Another really inspirational story is that of Steven Way. At the age of 33 he was a 16 stone couch potato, addicted to takeaways, smoking 20 cigarettes a day and with high blood pressure. He decided to take up exercise – running – to get fitter and ended upcoming 10th in the marathon on Sunday beating the record for the fastest time for a man over 40! Amazing.

Exercise – it’s life changing

Taking up exercise at the very least will improve your physical and mental health but you just never know where that will take you. I was 36 when I ran my first marathon, I was trying to get rid of the weight accumulated by years of a thyroid issue which was not properly diagnosed until after the marathon was done. I knew at the time taking on such a big challenge would be pretty life changing but I had no idea by just how much. Eight years on and 4 marathons later my life and career are totally transformed for the better, although not quite Commonwealth standard  – yet I still dream of Rio!

It does not matter what your personal aims are, the steps you are taking to improve your health will set you up for life.

Don’t forget boxing circuits in Victoria Park, Finchley on Wednesdays at 6.45pm in Victoria Park, and Bootcamp 9.30am or 10.30am Sat morning i nthe same location.

Wear suncream, bring water and if it rains you will be getting a shower and a workout in one session.