Boxing, Bootcamp & One Month Challenge

half marathon
half marathon half marathon IMG_20140608_122610 DSC_0913 63843_STAH14_SIG_006324 63843_STAH14_RAB_009166

What a glorious week!

It all started so well on Sunday when Charlotte Lane, Jon Musker, Toby Moore, Mark & myself ran the St Albans Half marathon completing the first bootcamp/ Pt challenge. It was very hot, very hilly and very hard but everyone got around in good time, in one peice and smiling with the added bonus of minimal aches in the legs this week. Core training and strength work on top of the running schedule really does pay dividends, am very proud . . Sniff sniff!


I know a few people who are going dry for June (DRUNE) & this has inspired me to relinquish added sugar for a month. I did this for lent and felt so good, if anyone wants to join me let me know this week and we can have a support group! Generally it means cutting out processed foods ( as these have hidden sugars), and obvious stuff like chocolate, bit also no sweetners (I tend not to have them anyway). All natural sugars are allowed including a small amount of honey in porridge and homemade recipes such as salad dressing but no more than a teaspoon.

If you are a savoury person you could cut out snacks such as crisp s and cheese instead of chocolate.

I am going to completely break tradition for bootcamp this week and run the same class as last week – I KNOW THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED!!! Due to the down pour we abandoned the circuit and played with kettlebells and boxing gloves under the trees so the whole class was not completed, I don’t want to waste the plan.

Please remember to wear sunscreen and bring water to sessions and classes.