Boxing, Bake-off and Hummous!

Boxing Bake Off & Hummous

Afternoon Campers (boot)!

A lot of you will know that I am a very very keen baker so am stupidly excited about the return of Bake Off tonight.  I promise that everyone will have enough time to get home from boxing circuits tonight in time for GBBO!

Mary Berry

My love of Mary Berry began when I was 9 when I used to make a chocolate fudge cake from her baking for freezers book owned by my oldest sister.  Since then she is up there with Delia for me, I own book from both cooks which are liberally splashed with food stains and tattered to bits and I would not part with them.  I tend to use the recipes as a base and add my own twist but if you follow to the letter they will always turn out.

Hummous recipe

One of her recipes I make a lot is hummous, chick peas are not only low GI but are a fabulous source of protein, fibre, manganese (a trace element used for energy production) & iron giving lots of health benefits.  The joy of making this yourself is you know exactly what goes in and you can add different flavours according to taste.  Every time I make hummus I wonder why I ever buy it ready made.