Banish Bingo Wings

Banish Bingo Wings

So, you want to banish bingo wings?

When I start to train someone, or when they start coming to my bootcamps, the reason they most often give for wanting to take up exercise is that they want to banish bingo wings! Whether you want to feel good in vest tops, cap sleeves or halter-neck dresses, toning your triceps (as well as the rest of you) will lead to those pesky bingo wings being banished to the “where are they now” pile. And we all want that, don’t we?

How to get it?

Technically, what you need to do is improve the muscle tone of your triceps; there are plenty of exercises you can do that will help with this and you’ll usually find at least one in a session. For instance, triceps press ups, triceps extensions and lateral raises. They sound scarier than they are; come to a few classes and you’ll be lifting 8kg weights in no time. Super-technically, the muscle is called your triceps brachii muscle. But we all know what we mean when we say bingo wings 🙂

Options to banish bingo wings

There are several options for you to choose from when you want to banish bingo wings; you could come to my Wednesday evening Padwork and Kettlebells session, which during the winter take place in St Pauls Church Hall in Long Lane, N3. Or, if it’s difficult to get out of the house/home from work for 7pm on a weeknight, how about Saturday morning bootcamp in Victoria Park?

Either of these classes will improve your general fitness and tone your muscles. If you’d rather keep it private, how about some personal training sessions?

Which ever option you choose, I guarantee you will have fun while getting fit – it’s my motto, after all:

Have fun

Have fun…. get fit…. be fabulous!